Reshaping SME Lending

Brand Story

Spotcap was founded with an in-depth understanding of financial services, an entrepreneurial spirit and a clear objective: to deliver simple and swift loans to businesses so that they can focus on what matters to them.

To move forward, small and medium-sized businesses need simple and fast access to credit. Having recognised this gap in the financial services industry, Spotcap launched in 2014, growing to five markets over the next four years.

Operating as a direct lender showed us the incredible drive and determination business owners have, and we knew we could do more for their success. That’s why we began providing our technology to financial institutions, to offer faster and more accessible financial services on a global scale.

Our vision for the future is to further impact the industry’s rapid transformation with technology solutions that are smart and easy to implement. In doing so, we aim to make finance accessible and fair, focusing on the customer.


After working as a direct lender with thousands of businesses across diverse markets, we were struck by their drive and determination. They see possibilities, and work to make them happen. It’s their resolve that inspires our purpose: to empower them with simple access to finance.

With decades of experience in financial services, high-tech and entrepreneurship, our team has built a lending platform that is smart, fast and easy to implement. It empowers financial institutions to digitally transform to provide a better, faster service and enable their customers’ success.

Customer promise

We strive to enable our clients as if we were an extension of their team — by learning about their specific needs, providing consistent support and increasing their ROI.

Our focus is not solely on the technology — it’s on making it work for our clients.

  • Simple & Swift
    Whether we provide a highly customised service or our standard lending solution, we integrate our platform seamlessly with our clients’  existing systems and drastically shorten their time to market.
  • Empowered by technology
    By working with us, financial institutions are able to quickly integrate the latest lending technology, thus providing a faster, simpler and more efficient service to their customers.
  • Responsible
    We uphold the highest regulatory standards within the global financial industry and ensure compliance in each market we operate in.

How to get in touch with Spotcap

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Financial services are evolving at an unprecedented pace, and we have our sights set on transforming the industry with technology that makes finance accessible and fair, focusing on the customer. If you share our passion for finance and technology, join our team of outstanding talent and play a part in shaping the industry's digital future.

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