Spotcap Loan Servicing

With our servicing module, you can build a 360° view of customer relationships, effectively remove servicing blockers and connect your team with business intelligence.

Task Interaction Model

Our Task Interaction Model is a highly scalable system which works as a secondary layer on top of Salesforce. Based on information from customer touchpoints, it automatically generates, prioritises and pushes tasks to Customer Service, Collections and Sales.

How it works:

  • We configure the Task Interaction Model to follow your specific set of rules on when, why and how customers need to be contacted
  • Triggered by a customer’s action or an internal procedure, the model processes the provided information and pushes a list ot tasks to a designated agent
  • Tasks are prioritised according to multiple factors, such as the potential loan amount or the customer’s position in the funnel
  • Along with tasks, the system generates signals regarding suspicious customer behavior
  • We can easily configure the Task Interaction Model to reflect any changes in your servicing rules or strategic priorities

Lower costs and increase productivity


Raise efficiency

Automatically prioritise cases and allocate your resources strategically


Leverage big data

Fine-tune your strategy with insights from customer behaviour


Add extra security

Push warning signs to your team to investigate suspicious activity

Loan Management System

Our loan management system is a combination of back-end and front-end features that allow you to monitor and disburse loans, process payments, and communicate information to your customers.

How it works:

  • Once a loan request is approved, our platform takes care of the end-to-end process from disbursement to repayments
  • Agents have the flexibility to make changes — for example, aggregate multiple loans or restructure the repayment schedule
  • Our platform easily integrates with your repayment processes and your chosen payment providers
  • Your customers gain access to a personal dashboard where they have visibility on the loan’s amount, term and interest rate, as well as an overview of historical and upcoming payments
  • The dashboard automatically reflects changes an agent makes to the loan agreement

Streamline your loan management process


Enable self-servicing

Help customers manage their loan with an intuitive digital dashboard


Bypass legacy systems

Launch with our proprietary LMS or seamlessly integrate yours with the rest of our lending platform


Remove payment blockers

Restructure loan agreements and instantly reflect changes in the customer dashboard


Enable your teams to effectively manage new and ongoing cases, automate repetitive tasks, and communicate with more customers for the same amount of time.

How it works:

  • Our system can track payment obligations for each client and display real-time information in Salesforce
  • In the case of a failed repayment, a new case is generated and assigned to an agent
  • Following your days-past-due thresholds, the system automatically sends emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages
  • Additional functionalities include the option to apply late payment fees and generate documents for customers to sign
  • The Task Interaction Model pushes necessary tasks to agents and notifies them of updates for every case

Optimise your collections workflow


Automate monitoring

Our system tracks all scheduled payments and immediately signals delays


Boost productivity

Automating written communications frees up more time to talk to customers


Keep your team informed

Collections managers get real-time information and email updates for each case

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