Spotcap Onboarding

Whether your customers engage with you directly, or through a financial expert, they expect a simple and fast onboarding process. Our technology can help you meet that demand and differentiate with a seamless digital experience.

Application Platform

Onboard new and existing customers with our digital application platform while maintaining uncompromising security standards. Featuring white-label web properties and step-by-step forms, each part can be customised to fit your application requirements and brand design.

How it works:

  • New customers sign up by submitting their basic information and company identification number — our forms pre-populate the rest through API connections with 3rd parties
  • Using PEP, sanctions and fraud prevention checks from local databases, our KYC/AML processes confirm the applicant’s identity and legitimacy as their company’s representative
  • Applicants can then connect their bank account and cloud-based accounting provider, or upload PDF copies of their financial documents
  • We can securely integrate your existing customers’ details through Salesforce API, batch upload, an FTP server or automated recognition via email address

Deliver on your digital strategy


Provide a seamless experience

Loan applications take less than 15 minutes


Integrate seamlessly

Easily link your current onboarding workflows with our technology


Maintain regulatory compliance

Protect your organisation with extensive fraud prevention checks


Enable self-servicing

Customers can apply from any place, with any device, at any time

Intermediary Portals

Intermediaries — brokers, accountants and other financial experts — are often the main distribution channel for SME lending. By making your referral process simple and quick with a dedicated digital environment, you can become their lender of choice.

How it works:

  • Our intermediary portals feature dedicated dashboards that list the intermediary’s leads as individual accounts
  • Each account gives visibility on their clients’ application progress, the approved loan amount, conditions and repayment schedules
  • Intermediaries can apply on behalf of their clients or assist in different stages of the loan origination process
  • Push notifications show changes triggered by their clients or your team
  • The dashboard can feature a dedicated section for relevant news on your organisation and products

Expand your reach through partnerships


Add distribution channels

Grow lead generation with an active partner network


Communicate effectively

Answer partners’ questions with real-time updates


Provide practical support

Help partners to better serve their clients with an extensive digital toolkit


Stay top-of-mind

Educate partners on your products and guide their marketing efforts

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