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Spotcap empowers SMEs with tailored finance, allowing them to focus on what really matters—their business. The company has developed a unique proprietary lending platform and credit algorithm which offers a fast and superior assessment of the real-time performance of SMEs. Led by Founder and CEO Jens Woloszczak, Spotcap is headquartered in Berlin Germany, and operates as a direct lender to SMEs in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. The company has entered into a strategic partnership with BAWAG Group to offer same-day financing to Austrian SMEs and now offers its proprietary technologies and models to major institutions, financial or otherwise, under its Lending-as-a-Service proposition. Spotcap has raised 100 million euros in funding and is backed by a number of high profile investors including Rocket Internet, Finstar Financial Group, Access Industries, Holtzbrinck Ventures and Heartland Bank. The growing team currently consists of more than 120 employees globally.

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