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“Spotcap’s credit scoring technology (...) uses thousands of data points to accept or decline a loan or credit line, typically lasting over 12 months.”

“The partnership between Finstar and Spotcap strengthens both parties’ position in the global FinTech industry landscape and underlines the increasing importance of the alternative financing sector.”

“Spotcap’s business is based around new technology to help meet small business needs more efficiently than traditional lenders, including using credit scoring technology that directly evaluate real-life business data to provide the results.”

“The Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson has backed a flurry of new online lenders targeting small and medium businesses to pressure the big banks to extend more credit to the often ignored sector.”

“The Berlin-based online lender to small businesses, Spotcap, is another international start-up to open an office in Australia through Stone & Chalk.”

“Europe-based Spotcap is the latest online business lender joining the rush to offer fast short-term loans to Australian small businesses.”

“Spotcap says its service cuts out the need for paperwork and process, which makes it able to provide an offer to a customer within just five minutes of receiving their application online.”

„Das ist die zweitgrößte Fintech-Finanzierungsrunde, die es bisher in Deutschland gab“, sagt Peter Barkow, Gründer der gleichnamigen Unternehmensberatung aus Düsseldorf.

“Spotcap hat seit dem Start vor 18 Monaten insgesamt fast 50 Millionen Euro eingesammelt.”

“Das Berliner Start-up Spotcap erhält eine Finanzspritze von mehreren Millionen Euro vom britischen Wagniskapitalgeber Kreos Capital.”

“Im Herbst gab es schon einmal 13 Millionen Euro für Spotcap, jetzt sammelt das Rocket-Startup fünf Millionen Fremdkapital ein. Das Geld kommt von Kreos Capital.”

“Spotcap lends to small and medium-sized companies, offering applicants a loan decision minutes after an algorithm rates their creditworthiness.”

“For Spotcap, the financing round is the firm’s third in 18 months, having previously raised €18 million in debt and investment in two separate rounds.”

“Over the past 12 months Spotcap raised 18 million euros in equity and debt funding from a group of investors including Rocket Internet, Access Industries, Holtzbrinck Ventures, and Kreos Capital. Spotcap is headquartered in Berlin, with local offices in Madrid, Amsterdam, and Sydney.”

“Spotcap will differentiate itself by offering a free line of credit for up to three months. As soon as the company starts drawing on the loan, it becomes a "vanilla amortising" business loan that has to be paid back within six months.”

“Spain has embraced entrepreneurship with open arms and shown that it has the potential to become an SME powerhouse. It is where Rocket Internet-backed online credit platform Spotcap was recently launched, in Madrid, servicing startups all over Europe, and where entrepreneurs are currently generating most of Spain’s new jobs.”

“We saw a massive funding need for small businesses” in Spain, Toby Triebel, one of the company’s founders, said in an interview. “Banks are reluctant to lend to businesses in any case given the massive economic pressure.”

"Das Plattform vergibt Mittelstandskredite – vorerst aber nur in Spanien. Sie verspricht eine schnelle und flexible Finanzierung."

“Ebenfalls auf der Liste: Die Berliner Firma Spotcap, die Gewerbekunden Geld verleiht sowie auf einem weiteren Ranking der 50 größten Hoffnungsträger die beiden Onlinebanken Fidor und Number26 sowie das Versicherungstart-up Friendsurance.”

“Spotcap, das erst im September 2014 unter dem Dach des Inkubators Rocket Internet gegründet wurde, vergibt in Spanien und den Niederlanden Kredite an kleine Unternehmen in Höhe von bis zu 100.000 Euro Bereits kurz nach dem Start konnte das Unternehmen 13 Millionen Euro einsammeln.”

“Die zunächst in Spanien gestartete Firma bekam 13 Millionen Euro unter anderem von Holtzbrinck Ventures und dem Internet-Finanzierer Access Industries des US-Milliardärs Len Blavatnik, wie Spotcap mitteilte.”

“Das Segment Online-Darlehen ist unter den ohnehin boomenden Finanz-Start-ups (FinTech) bei Investoren derzeit besonders beliebt. Allein in den ersten zwei Monaten dieses Jahres flossen weltweit rund 340 Millionen Dollar Wagniskapital in die jungen Unternehmen.”

"Spotcap focuses on small- and mid-sized enterprises, or SMEs, that have been active more than a year. Those businesses often have limited access to credit as they pose more risk to banks and don’t have the track record to prove their ability to repay the funds.”

“Spotcap, a Germany-based online lending platform for small businesses, has raised €31.5 million in new VC funding.”

“When it last secured financing, the company had only launched its online lending platform for a few weeks. A year later, Spotcap hit half a billion euros in 'credit inquiries', positioning it for solid growth coupled with rapid international expansion.”

“Berlin-based Spotcap is yet another notable start up. It is an online lender to small businesses and became an international start-up when it opened its office in Australia through Stone & Chalk.”

“Australia was a natural choice when it came to expanding out of Europe because of the large number of SMEs that had adopted online technology, including cloud accounting.”

"Spotcap, das neueste Fintech-Start-up aus dem Haus Rocket Internet, hat gerade bei Investoren 31,5 Millionen Euro eingesammelt. Die Finanzierungsrunde für das Berliner Unternehmen wird von dem strategischen Investor Finstar Financial Group angeführt."

“Möglich ist aber auch der Ausbau der Geschäfte auf weitere – nicht näher genannte – Staaten.”

“Die Zielgruppe des Startups: kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen. Die können bei Spotcap online Kredite zwischen 500 und 50.000 Euro bekommen.”

“Aus eigener Erfahrung weiß ich, dass kleinere Unternehmen damit zu kämpfen haben, Finanzierung von Banken zu erhalten. Mit Spotcap wollen wir kleinen Unternehmern ermöglichen ihre Ziele zu erfüllen und zu wachsen", erklärt Spotcap-Gründer Toby Triebel.”