Spotcap tackles the global fintech talent shortage

It’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit to experience a problem first hand and want to solve it.

The problem we identified was the talent shortage in the global fintech industry, so we set out to solve it.

In early spring 2017, we launched the Spotcap Fintech Fellowship, an initiative to support the next generation of aspiring fintech graduates.

Our scholarship programme highlights the need for talent in the industry and raises awareness of career opportunities in fintech.

Spotcap launched its scholarship programme in the UK, the Netherlands and most recently in Australia.

On the 26 September 2017 we announced our British winner, check out the winner in the video below. Applications are still open in the Netherlands and Australia. If you’re an academic student with a keen interest in fintech be sure to check out the scholarship requirements in your country.

For more details on the scholarships, how to apply and criteria – check out the websites below:

Spotcap Fintech Scholarship Australia

Spotcap Fintech Fellowship the Netherlands

Spotcap Fintech Fellowship the United Kingdom

Stay tuned for more information about Spotcap’s efforts to overcome fintech’s global talent shortage.

Originally published September 18 2017 , updated November 13 2018

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